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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fighting a cold or flu?

We are halfway through the winter season, but colds and flus are at its peak and are still knocking us down.   Colds are most likely to strike during early fall, midwinter and early spring.  Being in the midst of cold season, there are ways to help prevent colds and flus.  The easiest way for prevention is to wash your hands and boost your immune system.  Emergen C can only take you soo far.  Along with drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, eating healthy with minimal sugars and processed foods, getting plenty of sleep/rest and avoid smoking is a great start to a healthy you.  To properly hydrate your body, a person should consume half of their body weight in ounces.  This can include your naturally caffeine free teas.   We all have it, but stress is a huge trigger to lower your immune system.  Try to take some time for you to keep your stress low.  Massage can be good for lowering stress and increasing circulation.  If you have a cold, avoid getting a massage as it can push the cold deeper into your body and make you feel worse.  Acupuncture can help in any stage of a cold to help increase your immune system, lessen symptoms and help to drive the cold virus out of your body.   If only there was a quick fix...

A few herbal tips for prevention and treatment during the cold season is to take vitamin C , zinc, astragalus, echinacea, and goldenseal.  Astragalus should not be taken if there is a fever or an acute infection.   It also helps to limit your dairy intake.  Dairy can  increase mucus production and worsen congestion.  I actually take cow milk out of our diet during the cold season to avoid feeling too mucusy.  My daughter much prefers rice milk anyway.  

If you do end up with a cold, REST REST REST. Drink your warm liquids, gargle with warm salt water, use a neti pot, blow your nose (don't sniffle it back up into your sinuses), inhale steam and/or take a steamy shower, use a mentholated salve under your nose (Badger's is awesome!), and use hot or cold compress around sinuses.  I personally enjoy eating pho and making it spicy.  The warm broth helps move mucus and the spice acts as a decongestant.  Plus it's just comforting.  

Good luck and keep those bodies strong!  

Live well love much laugh often

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  1. It's tough drinking half your weight in water, even when I'm well and have the time. But I try to do that, especially when sick. My girlfriend taught me that.